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How to Roast a Marshmallow

26 May

Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to roast a marshmallow.

This is the wrong way…

This is just burnt sugar.  Who wants that?

Roasting a marshmallow takes patience.  My children have learned patience through roasting the perfect marshmallow (of course the reward for their patience is sugar!).

Load up your Hot Dog roaster

Hover your marshmallows high above the hot coals, NOT directly in the flame

Rotate, Rotate, Rotate

When the marshmallow is golden brown in some spots and just about to fall off the roaster, it is ready.

I promise you, if you can wait for the marshmallow to look like this, all of the work is worth it.  The centers are liquid marshmallow.  I love a marshmallow roasted like this so much that I don’t even bother with the chocolate bar and graham cracker!


The Season Has Begun!

25 May

Well, we finally did it.  We had our first camping trip of the season this past weekend.  Much later than usual.  Last year we were camping the 1st week of April.  Of course this was also the time my husband determined just how long I can take being locked in the camper with him and the kids while it continued to rain outside.  Apparently it’s two and a half days before I snap.

Anyway, it has been an unusually cold and wet spring, so camping had been put on hold, until now.   Our favorite place to go is Brown County State Park.  Most Hoosiers visit Brown County during the fall, the colors are spectacular.  But we really love Brown County year round.  Last spring we even bought property down there with hopes to have a house built there by the time we retire.

John and I used to tent camp until a couple of years ago when we spent the entire Memorial Day weekend in our screen room in the driving rain.  Looking back on it, we probably should have just given up and gone home, but we just stuck it out.

Here are a few pictures from last weekend…….

There is a hiking path around one of the lakes in the park and there are several spots that steps like this have been put in.

This doe was right by our campsite.

Mosquitos….go away!

Now it’s officially camping season!

Tomorrow we will discuss the proper technique for roasting a marshmallow!

I Shouldn’t Have Blinked

20 May

I don’t know what happened!  I swear just last week I was changing diapers, holding their hand while they took their first steps and then putting them down for an afternoon nap.  Where did the time go?  Just a few days ago I was begged to play “house” with 5 baby dolls all named Sarah.  Paint tiny fingernails with “pol nailish”, look at “mazagines” while they took each other for a drive in their Barbie Jeep, trip over little feet while I “ekercized” and watch Blues Clues for the forty-seventh time.

Now they are doing things like going to their first prom, driving, playing high school sports, dating, painting their own nails (most of the time), singing in the choir, acting in the school play and one of them even has a job.

My Niece took this picture.  I don’t remember what we were talking about, but the look on the girls’ faces just melts my heart.  They may not be my little girls anymore, but I couldn’t be more proud of the young ladies they have become.

I love you girls!

Lost My Train of Thought

13 May

Well, I failed at the “Post-a-Week”.  By posting today I will have only missed 2 weeks, but still…..

I have been struggling with what to post.  A good idea will pop in my head usually when I am driving or doing something else and I am not able to write it down.  Lately I have been very forgetful which results in the lost train of thought.

There is a very popular blog that I follow and randomly she will blog a “list”.  These lists just contain random thoughts and comments that may or may not have anything to do with each other.  So today I am going to share some random thoughts and hopefully this will inspire me to get back on track with my blog posts.  Here goes…….

1.  Is is just me or does everyone else agree that the 1st month and the last month of school are the busiest times of the whole school year?  All month the calendar is full.  Every afternoon and evening I am running someone somewhere or picking someone up.  Maggie is already conditioning/weightlifting for volleyball.  Wyatt is participating in a football skills camp.  Shelby is in a play this weekend and has had to stay after school everyday for rehearsal.  Shelby also has a new job and once the play is over her work schedule will increase, the more she works, the closer she gets to her own car!

2.  We want to go camping.  The camper is out of storage and needs to be de-winterized.  We finally opened the camper last night to see what bugs might have taken up residence over the winter and it wasn’t too bad.  Mostly those little lady bug looking critters that stink when you squash them.

3.  The rain here finally stopped!  The whole week has been great.  A little hot and steamy but I will take that any day over the constant rain we have had.  But I made the mistake of watching the weather report this morning.  Chance of rain for the next 5 of 7 days!

Fox59 7 Day Forecast for Indianapolis, IN Weather

4.  Prom was last weekend.  The kids just looked beautiful……

5.  Cupcakes are calling me.  All of the food blogs that I follow have been posting alot of summer cupcake ideas.  I go through baking phases and I can feel another cupcake phase coming on.  Last week I found a recipe for Pink Lemonade Cupcakes.  The family did not care for them, thought they were too Lemony, but good otherwise.  So, I made them again with less lemon and took them to the middle school for the last teacher appreciation lunch.

6.  We want to go camping.  I know I said that already, but we really, really want to go.

7.  A few weeks ago we went to an estate sale.  I bought a couple of boxes of “stuff” and found these little retro treasures.  We are putting them in the camper.

These little gems are called “Therm-O-Ware” by Bolero.  Don’t those colors just scream 1970?  The bag included mostly these mugs and cups but there was also what looked like a cereal bowl with little pointed “feet”.

I think I’ll stop here.  I don’t want to bore you all to death.  I promise I’ll be back next week.

Ahhhh, Spring!

20 Apr

Remember this?

That was just two months ago.  Now, same tree, look what Spring has brought…..


My Poor Daughter-In-Law

12 Apr

When in comes to meal prep, I prefer to follow a recipe.  I am not brave enough to come up with my own new recipe that is sure to be the next best thing.  With that being said, I have alot of recipes that I have collected over the years.  The collection has grown so much that I switched from a pocket folder (that was busting) to a three-ring binder.

When I started putting my 3-ring binder together my son asked if I could make him one too.  Of course I told him I would be happy to, in fact I would make one for each of the kids.  He wanted to know when he could have his.  I explained that it might be a good idea to let me work on it for a few more years then when it got closer to the time he would be leaving the nest I would give it to him.

My son, bless his heart, likes about 95% of what I make.  He will try anything once and if he does not like it he will tell me.  If he really likes something he will ask, “is this recipe going to be in my binder?”  The boy likes food!

One day he was asking about something I was making and announced the following, “When I get married I am going to give my wife my binder so she can make everything I like.”  Oh my.  I hope his wife likes to cook and can make it “just like Mom”.  Am I creating a monster?

Tonight I made a chicken pot pie recipe I stumbled upon a few weeks ago on a food blog that I follow.  It’s a hit in our house, my Husband even likes it and he doesn’t like chicken pot pie!  My son was helping me and of course he started talking about the binder.  Well he has now decided that he is going to keep the binder for himself and his wife can help him cook!  That poor girl (or lucky girl if she doesn’t like to cook).

“Why don’t you go to culinary school and become a chef?” I asked.  “I might do that.  I haven’t decided what I want to do yet, I want to cook or be a BMX rider.”  He’s eleven, what can I say?

Happy Anniversary!

4 Apr

I Love You!

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