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What Lazy Looks Like

18 Jan

I don’t think there could be any dog lazier than a Bassett Hound!  And stubborn?  Forget it!

At bedtime it takes every bit of energy she has just to get up and walk to the back door to go out one last time.  She must be coaxed the entire way.  Just last night she refused to walk to the door.  So what does my husband do?  He picks her up and carries her!  Duchess weighs 60+ pounds.  All dead weight too.  It wasn’t the first time he carried her either.

To housebreak our Bassett we would give her a treat everytime she came in from doing her “business”.  Now she tries to work the system.  If she decides she wants a little snack she will ask to go out then just turn around and stand there looking back in.  Of course when she comes back in she wants her treat.  Well, no business, no treat.  She has sat in her spot waiting for a treat for almost half an hour before.  Here she is waiting…..look at her licking her chops just thinking about that treat!

Bassett love is a special kind of love, that’s for sure.  Not everyone can welcome a stinky, stubborn, lazy dog into their home.  But those who do, reap the rewards of unconditional love and a sweetness that no other dog can compare to (of course this is just my own personal opinion).


Snow Day!………(almost)

13 Dec

We had a pleasant weekend doing a little bit of this…….

While we were wrapping presents, the dog took the opportunity to climb on the couch for a nap, which is a big no-no…

Alot of times we will find her napping with one of her ears covering her eyes.  Very cute!

Made some Marbled Peppermint Bark……….

(sorry for the poor picture quality, I am using Maggie’s camera which takes better pictures than mine, but still not great)

Indiana got hit with a snow storm yesterday.  The kids were hoping for a Snow Day but they had to settle for a 2-hour delay.  Right now it is 14 degrees, brrr…….It’s days like this that make me wonder why we don’t live somewhere south!


24 Nov


This is Duchess.  Just look at the cute face.  You can’t help but spoil her.  Here is a short story about how she has us trained.

We have this habit of DVR’ing our favorite shows and watching them on the weekend, primarily so we can fast forward through the commercials.  

While on intermission between sitcoms we made drinks and let Duchess out.  She just sat there on the step and did not do any “business”.  When she came back in she still expected her treat, after all, she did go outside.  Well, no business, no treat!
John and I were standing in the kitchen just leaning against the counter and the conversation started like this:
Me:  “Look at her, she is waiting for a treat”
John:  “She doesn’t get one, she didn’t do anything”
Me:  “Come on, you won’t give in to that cute face?”
Duchess realizes that we are talking about her and comes over to sit between us.
The rest of this conversation John begins speaking “FOR” the dog.  So this is a one sided conversation from this point on unless otherwise noted.
“Um, excuse me, you owe me a treat”  (she tilts her head to the side)
“I’m sitting, do I need to lay down?”  (she starts to lay down, but simply goes into 1/2 sitting, 1/2 laying)
“Rollover?”  (she looks on the floor to see if maybe her treat was dropped and she missed it)
“Am I sitting the right way?”  (She makes her cute face)
“Hello?”  (licks chops)
“I just licked my chops.  Maybe if I lick my chops he will realize I still need a treat” (licks chops again)
(chomp, chomp, chomp) ***** now this is me licking my chops
(turns and looks at me) “Did he give my treat to Mom?  Did she just eat it?”
(looks back up at John) “Maybe he ate it.”
“I went outside, you owe me a treat”  (more cute face)
“Have I really been standing here for 5 minutes talking for the dog?”  asks John.
My reply?  “You better give her a treat.  She thinks you have been talking to her about her treat.”
She got her treat.
And, I kid you not, within 2 minutes of getting her treat, she is scratching at the back door to go out and actually do her “business”.  Did she get a treat when she came back in?  Of course!
I swear sometimes we act like 12 year old children. 
Just a funny story I felt like sharing!

Mom is hiding!

10 Nov

That is what I sometimes feel like shouting back.  Why is it so important to know exactly where I am the second they walk through the door?  I will say this…..I would much rather hear one of the kids asking “where’s Mom?” than to get a phone call every day at 3:15 pm asking “when will you be home from work?”  Yes, I am a “stay-at-home Mom”.  Although, there is not much “staying-at-home” that is done.

I have had a job ever since I was old enough to work.  In December of 2008 the company I worked for closed it’s doors.  I have been home caring for my family ever since.  I feel very fortunate and I love every minute of it.

So, why a blog?  I have no idea really.  I never read a blog until I didn’t have a job.  It started slowly with food blogs then I moved on to “mom blogs”.  I am just here to share stories about my family, my pets, my life in general.  I may even throw in a recipe every once in a while because I really love to cook.  I don’t have any desire to turn this into a food blog there are way too many fantastic ones out there already.

My family is a blended one.  I have three children, two daughters and a son.  The girls are 16 and 13 and my son is 11.  My Hubby does not have any children and he loves mine as if they were his own.  In addition to the humans living in this house we also have 3 cats and 1 smelly Bassett Hound.  It won’t take you long to figure out that our dog is spoiled to the point of ridiculous.  

Slowly you will get to meet all of us as well as all of the dirty laundry, dust bunnies, cat hair, dog hair and all of the other messes that seem to appear out of no where!

Please bear with me as I learn about “blogging”.  I look forward to sharing stories and photos with you about my family. 

Here is a little sneak peek into our Family Room.

Right before I took this picture, Duchess had been using my daughter as a pillow.

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