DIY Amateur

16 Jul

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This is something that Maggie and I say a lot to each other.  We both spend too much time on Pinterest.  It’s my new addiction.  For the most part I pin recipes, home decor, and craft projects.  To be honest I just dream about the craft projects because I am a complete amateur when it comes to do-it-yourself projects.

One particular home decor project caught my eye.  I found it in a couple of different versions and thought to myself, “I can do that”.  So I did (with the help of my husband, of course).

I liked it so much I decided to make two!  The posts themselves were legs for a kitchen island that John picked up at an auction.  John cut and attached the base and top for me. I picked up the finial at our local home improvement store.

We wired up a mason jar, filled it with decorative river rocks and a tealight.  Another version I found had a cute “Welcome” sign hanging on it.  I plan on finding some seasonal plaques to hang on one.  I tried to find some at Hobby Lobby but all they had were fall and Christmas.  All of their summer stuff was gone!  It’s only July people!  Anyway, I’m sure a quick trip to Brown County will bring success.  This was my Instagram photo…..

Thankfully I have a husband that is so handy and talented when it comes to woodworking projects.  I couldn’t have completed this one without his help.

Now, I must hop on over to Pinterest to find some inspiration for my (let’s be real, “our“) next project.

p.s. I already have a home decor project in the works that hasn’t required any assistance from John.  I just need to keep visiting a local business that specializes in antique hardware.  I’ll share pictures when it’s done.


One Response to “DIY Amateur”

  1. Kristy L Thomson July 16, 2012 at 10:38 am #

    Great job, Melissa (and John)! These look very nice and I think you will be able to do ALOT with them throughout the seasons (if you want to)!
    I too, am a fan of Pinterest….keep your projects coming……!

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