My Poor Daughter-In-Law

12 Apr

When in comes to meal prep, I prefer to follow a recipe.  I am not brave enough to come up with my own new recipe that is sure to be the next best thing.  With that being said, I have alot of recipes that I have collected over the years.  The collection has grown so much that I switched from a pocket folder (that was busting) to a three-ring binder.

When I started putting my 3-ring binder together my son asked if I could make him one too.  Of course I told him I would be happy to, in fact I would make one for each of the kids.  He wanted to know when he could have his.  I explained that it might be a good idea to let me work on it for a few more years then when it got closer to the time he would be leaving the nest I would give it to him.

My son, bless his heart, likes about 95% of what I make.  He will try anything once and if he does not like it he will tell me.  If he really likes something he will ask, “is this recipe going to be in my binder?”  The boy likes food!

One day he was asking about something I was making and announced the following, “When I get married I am going to give my wife my binder so she can make everything I like.”  Oh my.  I hope his wife likes to cook and can make it “just like Mom”.  Am I creating a monster?

Tonight I made a chicken pot pie recipe I stumbled upon a few weeks ago on a food blog that I follow.  It’s a hit in our house, my Husband even likes it and he doesn’t like chicken pot pie!  My son was helping me and of course he started talking about the binder.  Well he has now decided that he is going to keep the binder for himself and his wife can help him cook!  That poor girl (or lucky girl if she doesn’t like to cook).

“Why don’t you go to culinary school and become a chef?” I asked.  “I might do that.  I haven’t decided what I want to do yet, I want to cook or be a BMX rider.”  He’s eleven, what can I say?


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