Let It Go!

27 Mar

“Let it go!”  That is my favorite expression these days.  Well, not my favorite, but the most used.  We have three children and for the most part they are pretty well behaved.  I have actually gotten compliments from other parents or family members praising the kids on their good behavior.  What?  My kids?  I am convinced that kids save all, and I mean all, of their bad behavior for their Mothers.

When the children were little there was alot of pushing, hitting, crying, and exclamations of “Mine”.  We would break up the fight, they would cry for about 30 seconds and then continue playing as if nothing ever happened.  Now that they have reached the teen and pre-teen age their attitude has taken a sharp turn to the south, or should I say “mouth”.  Now there is lots of foot stomping, door slamming and alot of the following phrases:

“Don’t give me dirty looks”

“Don’t look at me”

“You never listen”

“Stop wearing MY clothes”


“Don’t give me attitude”

“You gave me attitude first”

“I call shot-gun”

“You’re not in this” (meaning ‘not in this conversation’)

“No one is talking to you”


“We always get to do what *insert name* wants to do”

“Mom, did you just hear what she said to me?”

“Get away from me”

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  My kids will argue over absolutely everything.  When it starts I just stand there and repeat “just let it go”, “ignore it”, “stop arguing”.  It gets to be so ridiculous and petty.  We tease them and say things like “you would probably argue over the air you breathe”.  And seriously, they would.

Today I realized that I will never be able to stop the bickering.  I thought I had solved the “I call shot-gun” delimma, but I was proved wrong.  I made the rule that the person sitting in the back seat gets to control song choices on the MP3 player.  This worked well for about a week.  Now the person sitting in the front seat complains about the song choices, the volume, and things like “he switches the song right in the middle of another song” (I agree that this is very annoying). 

How does the saying go?  “I hope when you have kids that they act just like you do!”  My goodness, were my sisters and I that bad?  I do remember one time my little sister bothering me so much I threw a potato at her head (I missed by the way).  My middle child tells me all the time that she is not having kids because she is afraid that they will act just like her brother. 

The cold weather has finally gotten to all of us and the kids seem to be fighting more than usual over the most petty things.  Makes me nuts!

We are now on Spring Break and the only place we are headed is straight to Crazy Town!  I heard that there are only one-way tickets available.


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