Not a Compliment

21 Mar

So the other day Maggie informed me of the following, “Shelby and I decided that we are going to nominate you for that show ‘What Not to Wear'”.  What!?  That was harsh!

Now I will admit to the following; since I am home most of the time I do tend to wear alot of jeans and t-shirts.  Not t-shirts that say “Joe’s Garage” or anything like that, they are cute t-shirts.  Lots of sweatshirts too.  The two days a week I do get out of the house I try to dress nice.  Granted, I still wear jeans but will throw on a nice sweater or long sleeved shirt.  I volunteer at the school and truly would not want to wear anything that would embarass my Jr. High schooler.  Alot of other Mom’s that I see at school usually have their exercise clothes on because they have just come from the gym or are on their way.  Some of them will have on full make-up with their cute little yoga pants, which makes me wonder if they are really going to the gym or are just dressing like they are.  I would not have on full make-up if I was going to work-out.

When I am hanging out at home I don’t really see the need to “dress up”.  It’s not like anyone is going to drop by the house for a visit. 

Maggie’s comment did prompt me to get a haircut this past week.  Now I will have to fix my hair instead of a pony-tail and ball cap.

I have seen the show “What Not to Wear” and alot of those gals dress something dreadful.  I don’t think I dress that bad so Maggie’s statement was certainly not a compliment.  So what should I be wearing?  Really, what do the other stay-at-home Mom’s wear?

Now I know that the girls would never actually nominate me (if they did I would die of embarassement and would come back to haunt them), but who couldn’t use $5000 for a new wardrobe!


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