Oh My Goodness!…..in a jar

10 Mar

I think I’ve said before that I follow several food blogs.  Love them!  Read them everyday.  I am constantly amazed that some of those food bloggers that primarily blog about sweets don’t weigh 300 pounds.  I certainly would.  Today one of the blogs that I follow posted Mint Fudge Brownies in a Jar.  I decided to improvise a little and make cupcakes in a jar instead.

Oh! My! Goodness!

These cupcakes are something worth sharing.  The instructions are essentially the same.  Using a dark chocolate cake mix, I baked the cupcakes in the same type of mason jar (that I sprayed with cooking spray) for 25 minutes at 325 degrees.  I also left off the cookie crumb topping.

Since I only had 12 mason jars I had enough batter left over to make four of these little cakes.  Several years ago John and I found these mini-bundt molds at an antique mall, they’re really cute (they might really be gelatin molds, but I use them for cake).

The kids are going to love them!


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