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Let It Go!

27 Mar

“Let it go!”  That is my favorite expression these days.  Well, not my favorite, but the most used.  We have three children and for the most part they are pretty well behaved.  I have actually gotten compliments from other parents or family members praising the kids on their good behavior.  What?  My kids?  I am convinced that kids save all, and I mean all, of their bad behavior for their Mothers.

When the children were little there was alot of pushing, hitting, crying, and exclamations of “Mine”.  We would break up the fight, they would cry for about 30 seconds and then continue playing as if nothing ever happened.  Now that they have reached the teen and pre-teen age their attitude has taken a sharp turn to the south, or should I say “mouth”.  Now there is lots of foot stomping, door slamming and alot of the following phrases:

“Don’t give me dirty looks”

“Don’t look at me”

“You never listen”

“Stop wearing MY clothes”


“Don’t give me attitude”

“You gave me attitude first”

“I call shot-gun”

“You’re not in this” (meaning ‘not in this conversation’)

“No one is talking to you”


“We always get to do what *insert name* wants to do”

“Mom, did you just hear what she said to me?”

“Get away from me”

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  My kids will argue over absolutely everything.  When it starts I just stand there and repeat “just let it go”, “ignore it”, “stop arguing”.  It gets to be so ridiculous and petty.  We tease them and say things like “you would probably argue over the air you breathe”.  And seriously, they would.

Today I realized that I will never be able to stop the bickering.  I thought I had solved the “I call shot-gun” delimma, but I was proved wrong.  I made the rule that the person sitting in the back seat gets to control song choices on the MP3 player.  This worked well for about a week.  Now the person sitting in the front seat complains about the song choices, the volume, and things like “he switches the song right in the middle of another song” (I agree that this is very annoying). 

How does the saying go?  “I hope when you have kids that they act just like you do!”  My goodness, were my sisters and I that bad?  I do remember one time my little sister bothering me so much I threw a potato at her head (I missed by the way).  My middle child tells me all the time that she is not having kids because she is afraid that they will act just like her brother. 

The cold weather has finally gotten to all of us and the kids seem to be fighting more than usual over the most petty things.  Makes me nuts!

We are now on Spring Break and the only place we are headed is straight to Crazy Town!  I heard that there are only one-way tickets available.


Not a Compliment

21 Mar

So the other day Maggie informed me of the following, “Shelby and I decided that we are going to nominate you for that show ‘What Not to Wear'”.  What!?  That was harsh!

Now I will admit to the following; since I am home most of the time I do tend to wear alot of jeans and t-shirts.  Not t-shirts that say “Joe’s Garage” or anything like that, they are cute t-shirts.  Lots of sweatshirts too.  The two days a week I do get out of the house I try to dress nice.  Granted, I still wear jeans but will throw on a nice sweater or long sleeved shirt.  I volunteer at the school and truly would not want to wear anything that would embarass my Jr. High schooler.  Alot of other Mom’s that I see at school usually have their exercise clothes on because they have just come from the gym or are on their way.  Some of them will have on full make-up with their cute little yoga pants, which makes me wonder if they are really going to the gym or are just dressing like they are.  I would not have on full make-up if I was going to work-out.

When I am hanging out at home I don’t really see the need to “dress up”.  It’s not like anyone is going to drop by the house for a visit. 

Maggie’s comment did prompt me to get a haircut this past week.  Now I will have to fix my hair instead of a pony-tail and ball cap.

I have seen the show “What Not to Wear” and alot of those gals dress something dreadful.  I don’t think I dress that bad so Maggie’s statement was certainly not a compliment.  So what should I be wearing?  Really, what do the other stay-at-home Mom’s wear?

Now I know that the girls would never actually nominate me (if they did I would die of embarassement and would come back to haunt them), but who couldn’t use $5000 for a new wardrobe!

Go Shamrocks!

15 Mar

Despite the title, this is not a St. Patrick’s Day post.  Maggie is currently playing CYO Volleyball and her team is call The Shamrocks.

This post is for Maggie……

We are so proud of you and your teammates.  You had a fantastic 6-1 season.  Congratulations on your win in the first round of tournament play, it was an awesome game.  We are looking forward to seeing you play in round two tomorrow night.

Maggie, every time you play we can see the determination in your eyes and the enjoyment on your face.  Keep that attitude.

Good luck tomorrow, and GO SHAMROCKS!

Family and Friends….if you want to send Maggie well wishes please leave a comment and I will make sure she sees them!

Oh My Goodness!… a jar

10 Mar

I think I’ve said before that I follow several food blogs.  Love them!  Read them everyday.  I am constantly amazed that some of those food bloggers that primarily blog about sweets don’t weigh 300 pounds.  I certainly would.  Today one of the blogs that I follow posted Mint Fudge Brownies in a Jar.  I decided to improvise a little and make cupcakes in a jar instead.

Oh! My! Goodness!

These cupcakes are something worth sharing.  The instructions are essentially the same.  Using a dark chocolate cake mix, I baked the cupcakes in the same type of mason jar (that I sprayed with cooking spray) for 25 minutes at 325 degrees.  I also left off the cookie crumb topping.

Since I only had 12 mason jars I had enough batter left over to make four of these little cakes.  Several years ago John and I found these mini-bundt molds at an antique mall, they’re really cute (they might really be gelatin molds, but I use them for cake).

The kids are going to love them!

Have a Cookie

3 Mar

Remember when you were little and all it took to feel better was a cookie?  To this day a cookie can still make me feel better, especially when it is a warm chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven.  Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

The sun has been shining the past few days with just a hint of warm(er) weather and that just makes me want summer to get here that much faster.  But, this is Indiana.  We still have basketball sectionals and there always seems to be one last snow during sectionals.

The kids are ready to be outside playing after school (well, my son is), I am ready to put the lounge chairs out and sit on the porch with the sun on my face reading a good book.  The cats are ready for the windows to be open by their favorite spot on the back of the couch.  My husband and I have already been talking about camping.  And our dog has been laying on her favorite spot on the deck in the afternoon sun.

I am certain that a cookie will make me feel better about the weather rollercoaster.  So today I think I am going to make my mother-in-law’s “Christmas” cookie recipe, find some fun spring inspired cookie cutters and decorate with some bright cheery colors of royal icing.

So, if you have the winter blues or a little bit of spring fever, have a cookie, it will make you feel better.

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