Cabin Fever

2 Feb

This is just a small glimpse of what our world looks like here in the Hoosier state.  Look at how thick the ice is on the back of my poor Beetle.  We were hit with an ice and snow storm (depending on what part of Indiana you live in) beginning Monday night.  It is now Wednesday evening and we have been locked snuggled in our house for two full days.  Not that we haven’t stayed home for 2 days in a row before, it is just when you know you do not have the option to leave that makes you feel imprisoned.

We were prepared for the worst.  The candles were brought out of the back of the closet in anticipation of a power outage (which the local news was telling us was pretty much a guarantee) and I washed all of the stored blankets so we would not be cold when we had no heat.  We never lost power but we were fearfull of a tree falling on the house from the weight of the ice and the strong wind gusts.  These strong winds forced us to sleep in another part of the house which was safe from falling trees.  We have been very fortunate not to suffer any power loss or property damage.

The five of us have managed to get along pretty well (I have a reputation of “snapping” when confined too long).  The games were pulled out of the closet first thing Tuesday morning.  We have played Life, Clue, Rummy, 21, and countless games of scrabble.

The girls cleaned their room, my son got in some “hard to get” computer game time and I did some baking.

Maybe tomorrow we can have a movie marathon.  The kids are home from school for the third day and we could use a break from the board games.

When I go to sleep tonight maybe I will have dreams of a place like this……..


2 Responses to “Cabin Fever”

  1. Your sister in law February 2, 2011 at 7:56 pm #

    It’s warm & sunny here, kinda like your last picture!! Actually it rained today but it was warm!! Miss you all.

  2. Melissa February 3, 2011 at 10:09 am #

    Miss you too! I will take rain any day over what we are having here. At least today it is very sunny. Cold but sunny. Take care!

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