What Lazy Looks Like

18 Jan

I don’t think there could be any dog lazier than a Bassett Hound!  And stubborn?  Forget it!

At bedtime it takes every bit of energy she has just to get up and walk to the back door to go out one last time.  She must be coaxed the entire way.  Just last night she refused to walk to the door.  So what does my husband do?  He picks her up and carries her!  Duchess weighs 60+ pounds.  All dead weight too.  It wasn’t the first time he carried her either.

To housebreak our Bassett we would give her a treat everytime she came in from doing her “business”.  Now she tries to work the system.  If she decides she wants a little snack she will ask to go out then just turn around and stand there looking back in.  Of course when she comes back in she wants her treat.  Well, no business, no treat.  She has sat in her spot waiting for a treat for almost half an hour before.  Here she is waiting…..look at her licking her chops just thinking about that treat!

Bassett love is a special kind of love, that’s for sure.  Not everyone can welcome a stinky, stubborn, lazy dog into their home.  But those who do, reap the rewards of unconditional love and a sweetness that no other dog can compare to (of course this is just my own personal opinion).


One Response to “What Lazy Looks Like”

  1. shelby brooks February 8, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

    hi mom its your 16 year old. i just want to make it clear that the beautiful dog in those pictures is my dog. soo yeah lol. jk no but really.
    lol love you 🙂 ❤

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