7 Dec

It is Tuesday afternoon and I am so tired I could sleep where I stand. 

Why?  Why was I not able to sleep last night?  We went to bed at a decent hour, I was asleep by 11:30, I know this because the last thing I heard was sports on the evening news, then I was awake by 12:45 a.m.  My husband was still awake too but he has back pain that tends to keep him awake odd hours.  From 12:45 until about 3:00 a.m. I tossed and turned, listened to kids cough, listened while one of them got up to use the bathroom, certain my name would be called, and I had to keep pushing our fat cat off of my legs so I could toss and turn some more.  By 2 a.m. my husband and the dog were both snoring.  Of course the dog had been asleep since she curled up in her bed.

Today I had an interview for a volunteer position with The Indianapolis Children’s Museum.  Yes I said interview.  I had no idea so much would be involved just to allow me to donate my time.  There was the application process, the interview, the background check, something called “first day processing” (which is next Tuesday), then additional interviews with employees that oversee certain areas of the museum.  Whew!  Maybe subconsciously Iwas nervous about that, although I was not thinking about it.  All I could think about was why can’t I get to sleep?

I am excited about volunteering at The Children’s Museum, there are so many areas where I can spend my time, but I won’t know anything until next week.  I plan on volunteering one day per week.  I will keep you posted.

I tried to nap when I got home this afternoon, but I am not a napper.  If I am able to sleep during the day it is usually because I am sick.  So, I just layed on the couch for an hour thinking about all of the things I really need to get done today and the Christmas shopping that still needs to be done.  Now the girls are home and their brother will be here in about 25 minutes, then the chaos begins.  We have plans this evening so homework needs to be done sooner rather than later.

It will be early to bed tonight and hopefully sleep will come easily and last through the night.  Tomorrow is a busy day too!  No rest for the weary.  Isn’t that how the saying goes?


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