‘Tis the Season to be Merry!

29 Nov

Thanksgiving was a two day celebration this year.  We celebrated with in-town family on Thursday and our out-of-town family on Friday.  Whew!  That was alot of food.

During the drive on Friday, the kids were able to watch two of our favorite Christmas movies; Christmas Vacation and Elf.  It doesn’t matter how many times we have seen these movies, we all still have a good laugh while watching them.

After a day of recovery, we put up our Christmas tree on Sunday.  Now that the kids are older, most of the decorating is left to them.  The part I love the most is listening to the kids reminesce about all of the hand-made ornaments that we still put out every year.  Some are slightly broken or missing pieces, but until they are completely un-usable, the kids hand-mades still go on the tree.

“Whose Girl Scout troop made these?”

“My gosh, how old were you when you made that?”

“Don’t put that on the tree, you can’t even tell what it is!”  (I still know what it is, that is the important part)

When the kids were little we used to have to put the decorations high enough on the tree so little hands could not reach them.  Now we have to do the same thing to keep those pesky cats from getting them!  All during the night I could hear them darting in and out from under the tree chasing each other.  No surprise, this morning I found three ornaments in various places on the living room floor.

In our house we have the tradition of not putting any presents under the tree until Christmas Eve.  I guess I do this because I remember being a sneaky girl and along with my younger sister we would unwrap then rewrap our gifts.  One year we got albums.  We were so bold as to open them and listen to them!  I should be so ashamed.  So I guess knowing my history of peeking, I don’t give my kids any opportunity to peek.  Does that take all the fun?  I don’t know.

This is my absolute favorite ornament………..

I have had this for about 15 years.  It was a Secret Santa gift.  Where I was working at the time had a Secret Santa gift exchange and my Santa knew that I collected snowmen and this was my last gift of the week.  It’s body is about the size of a softball.  It has to be put on the tree where it can almost “sit” on one of the branches.

My son was asking me what kind of cookies I plan on making this year.  I had to tell him “Let’s just get the tree up first, then worry about the goodies.”

Happily, the baking will probably begin this weekend.


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