Carpet Skates

23 Nov

One of the first fond memories the kids have of my husband, John, has to be the carpet skates incident.  One of the girls received a pair of carpet skates for Christmas and John, being the big kid that he is, just had to try them out.

If you are not familiar with carpet skates here is a brief description……. smooth plastic which is velcroed to the bottom of your shoe that allows you to “glide” across the carpet.

John attaches the skates to his feet and takes off running from the back of the house into the family room.  Once he hit the carpet he begins to slide but he quickly looses his balance and does a power slide on his hip into the couch.  Needless to say we all had a great laugh at his expense.  We still laugh about it now.

Here is a picture of the two of us, one of my favorites, that was taken before we got married……

Not only is he just a big kid but he has one of the most contagious laughs I have ever heard.

I just love him!


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