Tissue Please

22 Nov

Talking about my kids is something that I do very well.  Of course, don’t all Mom’s?

All three of my kids are very loving and compassionate.  When they were little all three of them were very snuggly.  My youngest still is as long as there is no one around to see (he is 11 and after all, snuggling with Mom might not be cool any longer).  They are always the first to comfort a classmate who needs a friendly shoulder.  There are so many examples of things I have seen them do for their friends I would be here all day.  But I am going to share one story in particular.

All of the kiddos attended Day Camp at the church we were members of.  This program was absolutely the best thing since sliced bread and is still going strong.  I never once had to worry about them while I was at work because I knew they were having the time of their life in a safe and loving environment.  The camp counselors are college students, members of the church and already know almost all of the kids who attend the Day Camp.

The following was taken directly from the church bulletin.  Camp was over and school was back in session, the Camp Director was sharing a few memories from the summer.

“Finally, I thought I would share my favorite part of the summer.  There is nothing that could compare to the close relationships that we made with so many of the kids.  They made us laugh, imagine, think and they warmed our hearts.  One conversation that I will never forget was one that I had with 5-year-old Maggie.  I saw her one day and she looked very cold.  I asked, “Maggie, are you cold?”  She responded, “Yes”.  As she crawled up into my lap I asked, “Well, do you need a sweater?”  Her response was, “No, you can be my sweater.”  If there is anything that I have learned this summer, it is that God has made every child special.  Children have touched me through laughter, anger and their softer sides.

I get all weepy every time I recall this story.  All of these years later I can still hear exactly what Maggie’s voice sounded like when she had this conversation.  Here is a picture of her from camp…….

Here she is now……

That’s her on the right.

Enjoy those snuggly moments.  Children grow up way too fast!


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