17 Nov

It’s not what you think.

When a well known fast food restaurant started selling Sweet Tea, I quickly became addicted.  I found myself planning my errand running around stopping by and purchasing a large sweet tea.  I will say, at the cost of $1 for a large it was not as expensive as my other addiction, Chai Latte’.  But that is a whole other post.

I have been a Diet Coke drinker for many, many years.  When my kids started asking to have a diet soda with their breakfast I decided it was time for a change.  So became my quest to find a “copy-cat” sweet tea recipe.

I swear to you my kids drink milk!  They may ask for tea with their breakfast but I make them drink milk or juice.  But alas, my two youngest have my taste in beverages, what can I say?  So with their assistance I have finally found the perfect replacement for my “fast food” addiction.

The brand of tea you use is totally a matter of taste.  Personally I use Luzianne……

Here is the recipe……

1 gallon cold water

4 family size tea bags

2 cups sugar (I know this sounds like alot, but if you were to make a gallon of Kool-Aid, it is the same amount of sugar)

Bring to a boil 3 quarts of water.  Remove from heat and add sugar.  Stir until dissolved.  Add tea bags and let steep for  15 minutes (20 if you like your tea a little stronger).  Remove tea bags and combine with remaining quart of water. 

Now this is important….DO NOT SQUEEZE the tea bags, this will make your tea bitter. 

I find that the tea tastes much better if you allow it to cool completely in the refrigerator.

Sweet tea is a “southern” thing.  My Granny was from the south (as am I) but her sweet tea was made with instant tea granules.  Not as good as brewed tea but it did, however, build the foundation for my love of sweet tea and many other things “southern”.

I miss my Granny.

(Luzianne has no idea who I am.  This post was made with no input from the Luzianne folks, all opinions expressed are strictly mine)


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