Another Season Over

15 Nov

My son plays football. I love to watch him play. Our season for Junior League Football starts at the end of July and is over in mid-October.  It was a hot season this year.  It has been very hot and dry here in the midwest and alot of those games and practices were brutal.  The parents just sat on the sidelines sweating simply because we were breathing.  Imagine how those boys felt in those pads and helmets!

For those boys who are talented enough to make the All-Star team, that season continues until now. My little guy has made the All-Star team the past three years (I’m sure he does not like me to refer to him as “my little guy”).

That’s Dub (his nickname) up there with his Grandpa.  Aren’t they a handsome pair?  This was at one of the final games of the All-Star League.  The Bulldogs played an undefeated season and no other team was able to score against their defense.  It was an awesome season.

I get way to caught up in the game!  One year during the final game of the season I started crying when Dub scored a touchdown.  It wasn’t like this was his first touchdown, but it was the final seconds of the game and our team was down by 7 points.  That touchdown was not enough to get them the win so they placed second in the Minor League, but it was still a fantastic game.

This year he played in the Major League.  He’s got one more year of Junior League football before he can try-out for the Middle School team.  Once he plays for the school team there will not be anymore practices for me to attend and no more Saturday morning games.  This makes me happy and sad all at the same time.

Here he is with his sister’s before a game………

Don’t they all look so excited? 

So, football is over and now we will continue to cheer for Maggie (that is her on the right) at her volleyball games.  Her school season is also over but she is playing in a rec league which goes until just before Christmas.

My crock-pot deserves a break!  It works overtime during football and volleyball season.  Between the two sports’ games and practices we have been gone every night during the week.  This requires a crock-pot meal so that the 5 of us can eat whenever we have a minute to grab a bite.

What sports keep your family on the go?


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