Mom is hiding!

10 Nov

That is what I sometimes feel like shouting back.  Why is it so important to know exactly where I am the second they walk through the door?  I will say this…..I would much rather hear one of the kids asking “where’s Mom?” than to get a phone call every day at 3:15 pm asking “when will you be home from work?”  Yes, I am a “stay-at-home Mom”.  Although, there is not much “staying-at-home” that is done.

I have had a job ever since I was old enough to work.  In December of 2008 the company I worked for closed it’s doors.  I have been home caring for my family ever since.  I feel very fortunate and I love every minute of it.

So, why a blog?  I have no idea really.  I never read a blog until I didn’t have a job.  It started slowly with food blogs then I moved on to “mom blogs”.  I am just here to share stories about my family, my pets, my life in general.  I may even throw in a recipe every once in a while because I really love to cook.  I don’t have any desire to turn this into a food blog there are way too many fantastic ones out there already.

My family is a blended one.  I have three children, two daughters and a son.  The girls are 16 and 13 and my son is 11.  My Hubby does not have any children and he loves mine as if they were his own.  In addition to the humans living in this house we also have 3 cats and 1 smelly Bassett Hound.  It won’t take you long to figure out that our dog is spoiled to the point of ridiculous.  

Slowly you will get to meet all of us as well as all of the dirty laundry, dust bunnies, cat hair, dog hair and all of the other messes that seem to appear out of no where!

Please bear with me as I learn about “blogging”.  I look forward to sharing stories and photos with you about my family. 

Here is a little sneak peek into our Family Room.

Right before I took this picture, Duchess had been using my daughter as a pillow.


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